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There is a widely held myth about counselling in our society today. The myth is that counselling services are only for people who are ‘disordered’ or ’weak’ in some way. This belief prevents some people from taking advantage of counselling: an incredibly useful, potentially life-altering experience.

"Take action today: It could make all the difference"

Clinical supervision is a requirement for all accredited therapists. It is also a requirment for those working towards accreditation and students who are working with clients as part of their training in counselling, psychotherapy and other therapy training models.

All therapists need to receive supervision and engage in the supervisory process. Bridget”s training is in supervision across professions, qualifing her to provide supervision to nurses, social workers or any professional seeking supervision to enhance their work.

Supervision is for the therapist to talk about, reflect on and explore their work, as well as their on-going professional development. Supervision can also be seen as a form of education and guidance.

Supervision is a compulsary requirement for a member of an accredited body. It ensures that the therapist is professional in their work and is keeping up to date with personal development. Supervision is necessary to provide the opportunity for the therapist to ensure that they are meeting the needs of those they are working with, It allows therapists to talk about various aspects of their work so that an objective person can hear it, provide feedback on it, question it where required, and finally affirm it.

This also serves the clients, as it is fundamentally their needs which are paramount in the supervision process. Supervision does not exist to find fault in the work of any therapist but to ensure that the therapist is fully aware of themselves and the impact that their work has on them.

Therapists can be affected by their work and the risk of burnout is always a strong consideration in self-care. Some work can be traumatic for therapists, some can even find that their work becomes more difficult as personal changes or issues arise in their lives. If therapists are not fully aware of the impact on them, it could limit their ability to provide for their client.

"Within all of us, there is a much deeper spiritual and emotional world that no one else can fully see or experience."

Spectrum Counselling offers the following;

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Relationship Counselling

Being able to openly and safely explore this inner world with a professional can help us to begin piecing together the parts of us that are the truest; re-claiming our own personal power and allowing an opportunity for real growth.

This work can help transform the way we look at our conditioning and how we view our own unique world – and the larger world around us. Once we challenge our perceptions it is more possible to get in touch with our personal limitations, pain, and mortality.

Talking with a professional can allow us to process feelings and ‘obstacles’ with more clarity and depth; letting go of that which does not serve us. We can then begin being more honest with ourselves and how we express our truth; allowing our true-selves to come forth and enjoy all that life has to offer.

The counsellor is there to guide and support the client on their journey of finding the light they hold within themselves.

It is important to note also that a counsellor does not ‘heal’ or ‘cure’ a client of anything

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Bridget Haren DIP/MIACP/SEP

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"The counsellor is there to guide and support the client on their journey of finding the light they hold within themselves."

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Bridget offers Energy Healing to support and deepen the counselling experience. Her many qualifications include healing techniques such as meditation and visualization. Click the button below to learn more about Bridget.

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