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Mindfulness & Heartfulness Meditation

Support for your mental health.

Mindfulness is a practice that we can do anytime, anywhere, Its simply about paying attention to what’s there, with an attitude of interest and curiosity.

Becoming aware of our bodies, our emotional life, our communication with others, helps us to bring attention to experiences occuring in the present moment.

It is about being in the present moment, not rushing, not thinking about a “to do list”, simply by being aware of what’s actually going on we can transform how we experience the world. instead of dwelling with our stories, on our fears of the future, on wanting things to be other than they are, we open up to how they actually are.

In my exploration and practice of what it means to be mindful and living from a heart centered space I have felt that it anchored and renewed my sense of self, and been beneficial to my personal journey and growth.

Tsoknyi Rinpoche, a Tibetan Buddhist master, refers to this as accessing our ‘spark’.  He answers the question of ‘what is mindfulness’ by explaining that it is:

“a practice, or rather a set of practices designed to assist us in uncovering or unfreezing the various layers of ‘I’ that prevent us from experiencing the basic spark that lies at the heart of our being”.

Heartfulness is about listening to the rhythm of the sound of the waves as I walk on the beach, the gentle caress of the breeze on my face, the feel of the earth underneath my feet. The heat of the sun on my body, my awareness of whats going on inside, in my heart and soul  as well as around me.

On the morning practice we focus on  the breath, breathing  exercises, bring our attention to the body, the mind and we practice moving into heartfulness.

These exercises helps us to develop  Awareness;, of ourselves, our environment, sound, nature and the rhythm of our own beating heart. This brings us into the Present.

It is a beautiful way to begin the day. Join us at 9.15 Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Bridget Haren, MIACP, SEP